Red Contarino

Red Contarino


I always wanted my work to be representative, but I was never able to figure out an identity I connected with enough to represent. Most of my work from the first half of my college experience didn’t have any hidden meaning behind it, contrary to the commentary I would receive during critique. I found it interesting that people would apply their own personal experiences to my work, work that I created with the intent of no one being able to search for hidden meaning. It was only until I realized who and how I love was I able to learn the language behind my artwork, as that was the key to unlocking my identity. My most recent works all carry a piece of myself with them, and while I still choose to not define my work, I believe others like myself will be able to pick out the hidden messages I have placed within each piece. I am Red Contarino and I am a lesbian digital artist and animator.

Oil on canvas
16 X 20 inches

Close Statement

Animation Reel
Digital (After Effects, Photoshop, and TVPaint)
7:05 minutes