Carmela Uribe

Carmela Uribe


Pierced handmade paper, colored pencil, and ink
8 x 3 1/2 feet


This technique engages with drawing, while incorporating other modes and techniques. Using white handmade paper, I apply careful piercings, creating embossments that coalesce and build repetitive but complex images. Intentionally austere, the works reference shading exercises and evince an effort in making as a form of seeing. They demand patience and intricacy in observing from the viewer that mirrors the processes of making.

My practice is process oriented; a cyclical build up and disintegration of ideas rendered through mark making. I allude to invented worlds, comprised of dots that function simultaneously on a micro and macro level. These worlds within worlds generate a sense of condensation, as the eye shifts between individual units and the larger tonal field. My tendency toward intricate, labor-intensive patterning is revealed in this meditative experience.

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