Bailey Wait


Liquid Mirrors and Shadows is a series based on translating analog processes to a digital format. I was taking inspiration from the art works by Kunie Sugiura, Alison Rossiter, Eileen Quinlan, Trisha Donnelly, and Man Ray while thinking of lights, reflections, distortion, photographic processes, emerging in liquid, developing, and capturing. I created the work using a scanner like a light-sensitive piece of paper in a darkroom—like a photogram, but instead a scanogram. The analog process requires lots of liquids, chemicals, water, objects and light. I intentionally create digital images to mimic the analog process, so my digitally captured images look like fluid scientific experiments of movement and/or stillness of light captured in the physical earth realm or in space. Liquid captured from solid forms on a light box is the finished product. Images not captured on a scanner bed still include ideas of liquids, shadows, and reflections capturing with a digital camera. This work is to be printed on reflective metal or see-through glass to top off the concept.

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