Ariana Sierzputowski

Ariana Sierzputowski


These photo collages represent mental and emotional states of consciousness experienced during prolonged isolation. Relating back to my own experiences of depression and dissociation resulting from periods of isolation brought about by my chronic illness and autoimmune disease, many similar emotions and mental spaces have resurfaced for me during this period of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve noticed an interesting juxtaposition between the things I went through with the isolation of chronic illness and how this current collective experience of isolation has brought up similar feelings for many right now.

From this personal and now collective experience, I want to explore themes of isolation, fragmentation, disorientation, distortion of time and reality, disruption, chaos, and submergence. We are confronted with the Self in isolation. With the deprivation of external stimuli, the weight of this absence is so heavy you cave in toward your Self and you observe. You question. The isolation and emptiness hold space for You. Suddenly, you are submerged into an atmosphere colored by your internal world. It becomes all encompassing. The surrealism of our external realities cause a dulling of the senses, living through mental fog and a feeling of suspension in midair as time becomes undone.

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