Michelle Freeman

Michelle Freeman


I tap into my own vulnerability and discomfort to produce work that aids in my process of healing from past trauma.

My work serves as a form of communication from my inner self to the world; it is an illustration of my deepest fears juxtaposed with wild colors. I push myself to be uncomfortable within the process of making. I strive to make my audience feel this discomfort. My mind operates as one big lava lamp with swirling psychedelic patterns that turn into endless pathways and open doors; my art is the way I make sense of what lives inside my head. I want to take up space. I demand to take up space.

Heavy Weighted Chunky FAT

Do you see me now? I create with a desire to be eccentric and silly. Have you seen me before? I create with a desire to make my body present and loud. Experimentation is important to me and I don’t limit myself to one material or medium. Ceramics, sculpture, painting, dancing—all of this fuels me.

My body is where I source from, as well as the experiences that have shaped my understanding of myself. My work will speak to others who’ve been defined in similar ways.

I love color. I am slowly creating a rainbow world, and I want everyone there with me to celebrate.

I seek intensity.

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