Gwenyth Kenrich

Gwenyth Kenrich
can I be excused? 


Using oil paint, ceramic, and other various media, I create spaces that provide the viewer with a window into the restrained undercurrent of the suburban family. Drawing upon found family photos, generational memory, and tradition, ​I investigate what it means to grow up in a space that feels so staged and isolated and, evidently, call that place home. ​Organic ceramic forms and portraiture create intimate—yet uncanny—environments. Through this, my work transforms the domestic space into a place tinged with anxiety and isolation. I seek to alert subconsciousness through blank, rather unnerving expressions, forms, and spaces; places the viewer can project onto. What are the secrets that lie deep within the soil of your front yard, beneath your floorboards, behind the eyes of your grandfather. Will they ever be revealed?

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