Narcissa Hodžić

Narcissa Hodžić


My goal as a maker is to produce work that facilitates a sensitive and sustainable connection between nature and the beholder. I am motivated by my childhood home, surrounded by the redwoods and fog. My work, ideas, and emotions continue to be molded by the attitudes of the environment surrounding my home. Regardless of medium—clay, photography, or a multitude of media—my process is largely dependent on the viewer’s experience, and any dissonance that may exist between my intention and their comprehension. It is important to me for my work to foster an exchange with nature in an elemental and emotional manner. This piece will accentuate the beauty, significance, and authority of our environment by mimicking colors and characteristics to help reignite the user’s bond with nature to aid them in focusing more deeply on themself.

My senior work is about exhibiting my connections to nature across the globe. This project is largely about acknowledging and working through my relationship with my father through place/environment. In this piece I have depicted myself with natural imagery that I relate to my home, and I have represented my father with symbols I relate to his location and character. Focusing on location has helped me approach my splintered relationship in a way that causes less guilt and anxiety. It allows me to cultivate my bond with a place I am from but have never experienced. The piece will incorporate earth tones on side the depicting my home, and lighter colors on my father’s side. There will be a dark, cloudy wall between the two sides illustrating both my emotional struggle creating this piece and my relationship, and the privateness of this journey which can be viewed but not experienced by others.

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