Adeline Marfoglia


In this work, I am exploring the temporality of the human body and the lines between past, present, and future. Can the human body shift beyond its rigid constants? Is it a definite thing with hard edges? Or is it a fluid thing that is continuously being shaped by its environment? The distortion creates artificial landscapes that play off the landscape-like forms present in the body. The bodies depicted distort and fall in on each other. The lines of real and unreal are blurred. What is created by technology? What is created by the photographer? The images include bodies that distort and transform into landscapes and back into new bodies. They disappear and hide. Lines that are firm become indistinct. Bodily forms appear out of nothing but light. The viewer is left to determine what is genuine and what is not.

Each image was taken in Fall 2019.

Images are 42 x 42 inches or 42 x 30 inches and printed on Moab Slickrock paper.

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